Boat Care

Offering an experienced and advanced boat care service catering to all of your boating needs. Carine Yachts offers the following services:
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Yacht Brokerage

Carine Yachts brokers are sales professionals dedicated to achieving the best possible price for your boat. Our energetic approach includes communicating with you at every stage to constantly feedback your boats activity in the market.
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Yacht Financing

Asset management solutions help capitalize on cash flow and wealth management at the same time. Financing solutions allows you to keep your funds available to invest in your business or for other opportunities. Several finance companies specialise in creating solutions specifically designed to cater for individual needs. They fund new or previously owned yachts, with finance solutions being provided via either loan with mortgage or leasing facilities.
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Yacht Insurance

Insurance companies are able to recommend the perfect insurance package that best suits your needs in an ever changing environment. Insurance companies dedicated to Yacht Insurance solutions aim to understand your needs to concentrate on offering the best protection for your interests with the most competitive premiums.
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Yacht Registration

Registration of your new vessel, second hand or brand new, can be a daunting process, but nevertheless a mandatory part. Acting as your broker, we can walk you through the process and make sure everything is processed correctly. We can give you piece of mind that the registration process is being handled and will be ready upon completion and ultimate handover of your vessel.
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Yacht Storage

Offering in depth knowledge and guidance towards location and storage of your vessel regardless of size. Our worldwide knowledge and contacts will provide you with solutions to any storage question or problem you have. Depending on size, type and location of vessel, it will often be necessary to store your vessel ashore for a limited period during the winter months, or indeed all year round. We can provide guidance and help you throughout the process.
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Yacht Transport

It is very unusual not to need transport organised during the purchase of a second hand vessel. During the sale process, we as brokers would advise on the best way to transport your vessel to your desired location, whether it would be by road on a low loader or by sea with a professional skipper. Using our extensive contacts worldwide we would be able to guide you through the process and introduce you to the correct companies to transport your boat successfully.
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